Individual Therapy and Grief Counseling in Eugene, OR

Welcome to my website.  I am Jo Chambers, a licensed professional counselor specializing in individual counseling and relationship therapy.  I strive to make therapy as easy and comfortable as possible. I know how difficult it is to find the right therapist, especially when you are overwhelmed or in a crisis.  Every therapist has a different style.  Mine is interactive.  When you ask for advice and guidance, I will give feedback, coping strategies and tools, reality checks, and help you figure out steps that will help you move through your stress, anxiety, grief, depression, feeling of being stuck, or relationship concerns. iStock_000019887232_Medium My style of counseling allows you to focus on what needs attention, as you learn new skills of relating and communicating.  I will help you recognize your strengths, as you let go of frustrating patterns and refocus and replace negative patterns with new behaviors.  This counseling style helps you make positive changes in how you think, helps you practice coping strategies, and helps you improve relationships with your partner or spouse, friends, family, and co-workers so you feel and function better.  You can choose to have a few sessions or work as long as you want, depending upon your needs and concerns.  If you want take-home practices and techniques, they will be provided.

This style of counseling allows you to express your deep feelings, but also gives you a chance to learn new skills of relating. It helps normalize what you are going through and looks at the belief systems that promote good relationships, and those that do not. If you are coping with a history of trauma, together we will look at what you are dealing with and how it fits into the normal range of human functioning. Everyone I work with learns how to see their own strengths, especially in perspective when looking at their history and earlier situations.