S. Anderson- Instructor University of Oregon
Counselor, Jo Chambers, has been an instrumental part of helping me deal with grief and weight issues surrounding my divorce. She is an observant listener, who offers poignant insight, and valuable resources in processing my loss and grief, while helping me work on my issues with weight and compulsive overeating. As I shared with her on one of my most recent sessions, “Her service is the best money I spend every month.”  
Carolee Horning- Author/Small Business Owner
When I stepped into Jo’s office I was a broken, afraid, sad and lonely woman.  After working with her, I am now a happier, more confident woman who is a survivor instead of a victim. I know I have self-worth and I know I am never alone.  Jo believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself.  She made me realize what I was feeling was not my fault, and that I was not the only person in the world that felt that way.  Jo Chambers gave me back my life by helping me pull down the walls that I had surrounding myself.  I still hold occasional ‘maintenance’ sessions with her. After a couple of years in her therapy, I found a new job that I love, and became a small business owner.  I told my family what I was going through and they now support me.  Most importantly, I know that I matter, and that the abuse I suffered was not my fault.  Therapy saved my life.  Jo continues to be one of my heroes and a huge support.  When I am feeling stressed or sad now, I can hear her voice inside my head telling me I’m strong, I’m worthy, and to think positive because that kind of outlook will help turn things around.  It will get better, with hard work. But it will get better. Thank you Jo!!